Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Has Been A While....

Ok, I know I have been a bad blogger, it has been about three weeks since I have written.  There has been a lot going on around here and I just haven't felt it.  I am trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps, so I am back.  I will try to give a concise update on what has been going on in the Land of Me.

On the job front, I still don't have one.  Yep, it is about 2 weeks until the start of school, and I won't be there.  My teacher friends are all talking about how they are preparing their classrooms, planning their curriculum etc and I sit here searching job sites and playing FrontierVille on Facebook.  At this point, it is really starting to get to me.  I had another interview in a county about a hour drive away.  The principal told me I had excellent references and asked for more.  So I got my hopes up, that was my downfall.  He left me a voicemail a week later telling me that he was impressed with my references, with me, what I have done, and the interview, but he has chosen another candidate.  Ok, fine, I can live with that, except the next day I saw him repost the position on the website.  Yep, I was so freaking impressive and a great candidate, but I wasn't enough for him I suppose.  Kick. In. The. Teeth.

The good thing is that I have heard Congress has extended unemployment payments after the 6 months I would normally get, so even though we won't be comfortable, at least I can keep a roof over our heads.

I am trying to not let it get to me, so I am keeping myself busy.  Monkey turns four next week, and I am planning his party.  He also starts school in about two weeks so we have been school clothes/supplies shopping (thank goodness for his Grandma, Nanny, and Grandpa helping with paying for it).  I am trying to just enjoy being with Monkey right now, he is growing up so fast and I don't want to miss it!

In my mind, I have been trying to boost my self-esteem.  I have come to the conclusion that I will not allow politics and the local screwed up school systems/government to bring me down.  I am not a bad teacher, I was unfortunately the teacher that was let go due to budget cuts - not a teacher let go due to bad teaching!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sitting Here in the Semi-Dark

This is the second time I have typed this, for some reason blogger didn't post it and that just peeves me off more!

I suppose I should start off with some background knowledge you will have to have to understand my predicament.  Two years ago, my family and I bought a 12 acre piece of property with two mobile homes on it.  We are paying off the property and will eventually get different houses put on it.  But, right now Monkey, DBH, myself and one of my sisters are living in the older mobile home.

Anyway, it is 100 degrees F here today and a couple of days ago we had to break down and use some money (that I really needed to keep for use while being unemployed) to buy another window air conditioning unit.  We already had one, but it was still almost 90 degrees in here and Monkey was always red and sweating, so we got a 12,000 BTU unit.  The good thing is that it does a stellar job!  I am so in love!  lol

The A/C does have a downside though, due to our old mobile home, during the hottest part of the day, the breaker flips.  This causes our living room and my sister's bedroom to lose power until it is flipped back on.  Every time it flips off, my sister moans/growls and gets super pissed off.  So, in an effort to keep it from flipping, I have turned off everything I can.

This means that Monkey and I get to sit in the living room with a blissful A/C humming away keeping us cool, but without ONE light on, no TV, no computer (my laptop thankfully can run without being plugged in).  The sad part is that my sister told me a few weeks ago that her A/C works so well that sometimes she is super cold and instead of getting up to turn the A/C down, she decides to just turn on the heating blanket.  Yeah, seriously, she is that selfish and that idiotic.  So, we sit out here in the dark while she is in her room with the TV blaring, using the TIVO thing, her ceiling fan/light on, typing away on her computer that IS plugged in, charging her cell phone, and probably snuggled under the heating blanket.  Can you tell I am bitter?  Yeah, I am!

I am tired of having to be a parent to her.  She needs to get her head out of her butt, put her big girl panties and and stop getting mad at me and cussing at me like a sailor when I say/do something she doesn't like.  I made a comment earlier that the breaker doesn't flip when she is at work and she started going off on me saying things like "Well, what do you want me to do, it is your A/C's fault!" and "What do you want me to do, turn my TV off?"  No, woman, I want you to get a freaking clue and realize I have a three year old and the world doesn't revolve around you.

Ok, I am stepping down off my soapbox now!  lol

Monday, July 5, 2010

Feeling Groovy...

We had a great Forth of July here!  We all went up to my Mom's house (which is on the same property as ours just about 500 yards behind us and over a creek!).  My step-father cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, Monkey made macaroni salad and potato salad (well, he helped his Aunt), and we had strawberry shortcake for desert!  After dinner my sister set off small fireworks and we sat around outside watching.  I love Independence Day because it is one of the few holidays when you aren't expected to do too much or buy anything for anyone!  lol

Yesterday my sister asked me if I would go down to Florida with her (I was born there and lived there until three years ago) to clean out a storage unit and move it to a smaller one as her bill is going up again.  I told her I would go, but I don't think my car will make it and I am not paying for a rental.  She will have to look into it and let me know.  The big news is, if it happens, I will not be able to take Monkey with me.  This would be the first time I have not been home with him overnight.  :(

The other night I was cuddling in bed with Monkey (I know he is almost four and it will be soon when I can't do that any longer - so I am enjoying it while I can).  He looks up at me and puts his little hand on my face and tells me that he loves me and asks if I will keep him safe.  My heart melted on the spot!  How freaking adorable is that?

On other fronts, I will update you on my job search.  Normally I spend my days stalking jobs on and then applying to anything and everything I am certified to teach (yea, I know, I am way selective! lol).  Anyway after applying, I find the principal's email address and send them a quick email letting them know I applied and talking about myself a little.  Well, today it paid off.  I got an email from one of the principals directing me to the district's website and asked me to apply online for the job.  He then asked me to contact him when I finished applying so he could contact me to schedule an interview.  Well, you can bet that I jumped all over that and within ten minutes of the email coming, the application was done and I had fired off an email to him letting him know.  I hope to hear back soon.

This school is about an hour and a half away and if I get it, I may have to move closer.  My Mom will be super pissed, but I have to do what I have to do to support my family and well paying jobs aren't exactly growing on trees!  But, I am not going to worry about that just yet.  I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, I am just super excited to even have an egg!  lol