Monday, February 14, 2011

A SWEET School Day

Yes, it is Valentine's Day. I am not a sappy romantic kind of girl.  While I love a great piece of jewelry, flowers and candy aren't my thing.  I just can't see spending so much money for something that wilts away or is eaten.  Saying that, I was so overjoyed to get a few treats from my sixth grade students today.  It isn't the fact that they gave me something (or how much it is worth).

I gladly accepted my mini heart shaped box of chocolates and my mega sized Hershey bar.  The thrill I got was from seeing their faces light up with joy when their gift was given.  It really touched me that these kids thought about me and took time to get me anything at all.  I would have been just as pleased with a handmade card or even a scribbled note.

Monkey also had his first Valentine's Day experience at school.  He came home with a bag full of treats and treasures.  I have carefully separated the treats from the cards and I will keep them for him.  

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