Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Good and Somewhat Peeved?

Since today was grocery shopping day, my two sisters, my son, my niece and I all piled into my tiny car to set out.  I was feeling pretty good as I had taken the time to put some makeup on and that always makes me feel a little more confident.  First stop of the day was Dollar Tree.  I wanted to check out the hair accessories and see if they had any cute jewelry or anything.  I struck out on the jewelry, but did find a few hair accessories.  I scored two Goody's hair bands that retail for about $4 at Wal-Mart.  I am tired of doing nothing with my hair, so I am going to work hard to incorporate different hair styles.

We stopped at Steak N Shake which is my favorite place to eat (and cheap - my meal and John's meal came to a total of $7.77).  Although it wasn't the healthiest thing I could eat, I did better.  I ate half of my meal and was satisfied.  I am under no illusion that I am going to be stick thin (and don't know if I want to be), but I can make better choices - which I am doing!

I thought I could find some cheap fashion jewelry at Wal-Mart, and I did find a few things I liked, but they were all $10 and I decided I would wait for clearance or look around online.

While looking on ebay for some steals/deals, I ran across the following auction:

Ebay Highway Robbery
Do you see it??  I almost choked on my Coke Zero.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  $60 freaking dollars to "economy ship" from within the US??  You. Can. Keep. Them!  I understand what they are doing - seriously I am a seller too.  They are trying to get around paying the listing fees and auction ending fees.  When I see someone want $4.95 to ship a pair of earrings, I am fine with that, but $60??  So these sellers think that a pair of sterling silver earnings with a few garnets (NOT DIAMONDS or anything) are worth over $60?  I seriously think that Ebay needs to put a stop to this.  I am fine with paying a little to cover the packaging and the seller's time, but there is no way on earth that is appropriate!  I wonder how many people get suckered into a "cheap" auction and then realize the shipping is out of the world high!?!?

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