Sunday, January 30, 2011

Socially Acceptable Hate?

As I have said before, I am fat (heavy, overweight, a BBW whatever you want to call it).  Now, I don't want this blog to focus on fat, fat-acceptance, losing weight etc, but something I saw today irked me enough that I needed to come here and vent.

When did it become socially acceptable to make fun of fat people?  I was out and about doing my shopping and saw a car in front of me with a bumper sticker that said "No Fatties".  There are so many things wrong with this bumper sticker.  Let's start with the fact that this person felt it necessary to put into writing his hatred of a certain subset of people.  Now, I fully understand that not every person wants to date a woman or a man of size, but why on earth would you put it on a BUMPER STICKER?

As a fat woman, this sticker upset me.  I would hope that ANY woman that saw this sticker would steer clear of this "man".  What self-respecting woman would want to be with a man that for unknown reasons needs to profess the fact that he hates people?

I might not find men with beards attractive, but I am not going to make up a sign that says "No Beardies", I just wouldn't date them.  Is a "man" that needs a bumper sticker like this over compensating for something, feeling repressed desires for "fatties" or just a jerk?

Yes, I am fat, but I am a PERSON, I have feelings, dreams, desires.  I am not a lazy person, but I do have a medical condition that makes me gain weight quickly and have a hard time losing it.

I am fat, I have ALWAYS been fat and even if I lose weight, I will probably always be fat.  I am not here to please you, so if you don't like the way I look, then don't look at me.  I will not give you the power to depress me or make me want to stay shut in at home because I am worried about what people think.  I am lucky to have found DBH that loves me for ME and not the way I look.  So, I wonder when people will finally get the fact that it isn't ok to make fun of anyone for any reason?

This is the car decal I would hope my DBH would sport:
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