Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Addicted to Facebook

Ok, at this point, I have no idea what I did with my free time before Facebook came into my life.  For reasons unknown to me (and try as I might to fight it) I am addicted to these stupid social networking games on Facebook.  The most recent, FrontierVille, just came out and is sucking up my time.  Not that I am so important to worry about wasting time, but still, it is hard to resist!

At least I have never bought coins, cash, points (whatever the games are calling it).  If I had, I might just have to throw this computer out into the creek!


  1. Hiya luv! I'm your first follower! Your US teaching contracts sound flimsy! I have an American working in my faculty, she can earn more money here and get a better standard of living, plus - she's married to a local too! I've also got an Australian as we are short of teachers! It's a funny thing to think that you're looking for work! lots of love, Jane

  2. Hey Jane! I am so excited about having a follower already!! Wow! :) Thanks for following me.

    Believe me, I have thought about moving over to get a job over there (I just love all things British - I married one! lol). Maybe you could hook me up with a job! ;) Seriously though, my husband and I have talked about it and plan to move over (with or without me having a job over there) within the next four years. I can't wait!!