Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That squirrel never saw it coming....

Not such a great day today.

My unemployment still hasn't come through, so I went down to the unemployment office today.  Had a nice 2 hour wait to talk to someone for five minutes!  Thankfully the lady helping me was so super sweet and helpful.

I then head over the Sears to look at some clothes my sister found for Monkey (he starts school this year and she found some great stuff on clearance - she works there).  I decided to wait for her as she was supposed to get off "any minute".  Well two hours later she is finally ready.  Although I did have a great time laughing with her and her boss, so it is all good.

The highlight was going to the Chinese buffet (score!  I love Chinese).

However, on the way home, I ran over a squirrel and killed it! :(  Not to mention the little fluffy bunny I ran over three weeks ago.  My killing spree has got to stop!  lol  Seriously though, it is sad and I can't get that sound out of my head (thump).  Grrrr