Friday, June 18, 2010

Interview Day!

Well, today was the day.  After a fitful night of tossing and turning instead of sleeping, I woke up around 7:30 and started getting ready for my 10:00 interview.  I was aiming to leave the house at no later than 9:00.  I have this thing that I can't stand being late (or really even on time) to things and I always have to get there super early (I mean you never know what might happen - trees in the road, squirrels, UFO's lol).

After my shower, ironing my clothes, putting on my makeup and getting dressed, I managed to leave the house just 15 minutes behind.  Thankfully it only took 30 minutes to get to the school, so I was still 15 minutes early.

The principal was the only one there, so he called me back early and my interview started at about 9:45.  By 10:20 it was all over.  I had answered every question he had to the best of my ability.  I managed to harp on how my kid's test scores have improved over the years, my classroom management style, my knowledge (and use of) technology, and the grant I had written to get myself three Flip video cameras for my classroom.  We talked about inclusion strategies and what I do to motivate the kids to learn.  He told me the position is for 8th grade Math and then talked about the school, why the teacher was leaving, and what he expects from the teachers.  At the end of the interview he said I had given a good interview and I would know in about a week.

At this point, I have done my bit and now I just wait to see if I am the lucky one.  I do know that I am one of ten to be interviewed for this position.  So I guess I have a 1 in 10 chance!  lol

I was back from my interview and picking up prescriptions by 11:30.  The rest of the day was spent lazily look around on-line and watching Ninja Warrior!

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