Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Had a Great Day!

So, today was spent running around town completing errands with my Monkey and my older sister.  It was a pretty good day.  We even got to stop and watch a big digger demolishing some old houses, so Monkey was pretty stoked.  He has now decided that he wants to be a construction worker that "drives" cruise ships!  How cute is that?

After we got back out the the boondocks (A.K.A our house), my sister took Monkey up to their house for a few hours.  This gave DBH and I some much needed alone time, and couple time!  I love that like Monkey, but it is nice to have a break as well.

All in all, I am in a pretty good mood!  I told my husband he better write the date down, as it isn't likely to happen again in a long while!  lol

As far as a job goes, I am up over 30 applications and no bites.  I have decided to start looking into other careers.  If anyone knows of a company (or a type of job) I could do with a B.S. degree could you kindly let me know!  I love teaching, but I can't just sit around here waiting for a call that might take a year to come!

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