Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Am Being Followed....

Seriously!  I am being followed!  I already have my first follower and I am beyond excited!!  Thank you Mummy's Little Monkey for following a blog as unworthy as mine.  Also, thanks for the comment about my profile pic.  I was actually on Facebook about a month ago and it was used for one of the ads on my screen.  However, it looks suspiciously like my DBH.  Monkey still comes up asking to see the picture of "Daddy" and we sit and laugh about it.  Yes, I am somewhat evil, but I have to get my entertainment somehow.

On a job note, I have applied for two more positions that opened up locally.  I have put in over 20 applications and gotten one interview (which is FRIDAY!!).  I am a good teacher, my kids always get great marks on their state tests.  I show up for work with a smile on and do my best.  I just hope someone sees that and hires me.

As far as adventures go, I had none today.  I stayed close to home and did laundry.  :(


  1. I thought you might like to know about interviewing 'Brit' style. Teacher's have a one to two day interview. Mainscale teachers (no responsibilities) will be shown around a school, then teach a lesson for an hour, whilst being observed by a panel (Head of Faculty, Head Teacher, Head of Teaching and Learning, 2 school governors)They will then have their first interview by a panel of students from the student council and then have an interview with the panel. By the end of the day, a selection will be made and the teacher must accept or decline the job and sign their contract then and there. We don't have temporary contracts, they are against the law in the UK. You can have a one year contract or short term and they are usually for maternity or sickness cover (we get sick pay for up to a year and that's full pay) Teacher's pay is reasonable here but living costs are very high and teachers don't tend to live in nice areas/houses of go on holiday. Senior teachers such as Heads of Faculty (I'm the Faculty Leader for English in my school) have two day interviews and they are more vigorous; Head Teachers have week long interviews!

  2. Wow! That seems intense! I am not sure about the student interview, I have read things about those types of interviews and they scare me. So in the interview, do they teach to students? And how is behavior addressed (as we all know kids don't always behave for others). I was also thinking about the possibility of supply teaching.